One-on-one with an instructor working on all the equipment to tailor a program for your body's specific needs.  (55 min)


$90 / session

$435 - 5 sessions.

$830 - 10 sessions.

$1560 - 20 sessions


Owner rate is $100/ session


2 or 3 people per instructor will be taken through a workout suited to your level using equipment, mat, and props. Priced per person. (55 min)


$55  - 1 session

$265 - 5 sessions.

$500 - 10 sessions.

$900 - 20 sessions


Some experience at this studio or instructor approval required. Please call ahead or book online to reserve a spot. (55 min)


 5  class series . . . $170

10 class series . . . $330


Group classes provide a complete workout using your own body’s resistance. Props such as therabands, physioballs, etc. are used to enhance the work. Please arrive early since space is limited. (55 min)


$15 / online class drop in 

$22 /class

 5  class series . . . $100

10 class series . . . $180

20 class series . . . $300


Intro Session

(one-hour private session)                $60

Want to give it a try before you decide? This session is with an instructor who will walk you through the basics and make sure you’re doing everything correctly. Our instructors are very good and very picky, so you’ll get a good idea of where to go from here.



Intro Series

(3 one-hour private sessions)           $190

The exercises in pilates are very specific and you’ll see in your first session that there is a lot of information to cover. Starting off with three private sessions will give you a good foundation to build on.


Get your heart rate going with this half-hour reformer class! Experience on the equipment is highly recommended as it's a fast paced class. Not appropriate for those with knee or ankle issues!

Reservation required

$20/ class


Mat room rental available and equipment rental available for certified instructors and their outside clients. Contact the studio to reserve space.

Due to restrictions during the Covid-19 outbreak, all of our sessions are online! Registration for classes can be done through the scheduling page, or contact the studio via email to make an appointment for private and semi-private sessions. Thank you for your continued support! 

(323) 254-4444

2002 Colorado Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90041